One Hour

Thoughts from a hike up Margaret’s way - mar 20, 2019 at 12:07pm - 1:19pm


Life. Always. Finds. A way. Ashes to roses.

Even my problems are blessings

Every blessing is a lesson

Sometimes the lesson is that there isn’t one

I love the greens

The quiet greens

The paranoid birds

The trickling creeks

Hikers are so nice

Our ashes aren’t just ashes

They’re the soil in which we’ve planted our roses

It’s easy to only look ahead and envision the peak so far ahead

But even five minutes in you can turn around and admire how far you’ve come

I love the sun

Thank the lord

67 degrees 33 percent humidity 0 chance of rain. That’s my weather right there


Sometimes you gotta let go of only seeing from your brain-outwards, you gotta let the light shine through. World-inwards.

Let go of worldly worries

There will be time no hurry

Where do we get our sense of belonging

Being out here just feels right

Who the heck is Margaret 

Sense of exposure. Of nakedness. Versus a sense of nudity, if comfortably revealed.

Other people make me feel naked. I can choose to be nude in the wild or anywhere

What is the wild anyways

Sometimes it’s easier to walk forward uphill with your head down looking at nothing but the ground. But you can walk forward uphill and enjoy the scenery around and in front and behind you as well

What good are these thoughts

Well what good is my head or my heart 

Thanks to all the people that walked the roads I’m walking before me.  

Why do I remember what I remember.

If I remembered different memories would I still be “me”

Having self confidence is being able to question yourself and be ok with whatever answer comes out. Whether you have one or not.

Can someone who reads this see my train of thought? 

“Wherever I live” - Alessia Clare

If you think an unconscious thought, has it been thought? 

How many beautiful things are in this world that no one will observe

How many do we need to look for

Cities are places we’ve built to do what we love so we can get out of the city. Do we only love the city because we can leave it? If everywhere was the city would we have no choice but to accept and love it? 

What conveyor belts of life am I on right now. Do I have to be on them. Can I even step off.

Who puts the water in watertowers


When you have the time in your pocket, take a few silver seconds out and take a side trail to a viewpoint and sit for a little.

Is writing down these thoughts “not letting things go”? 

I think they’re good to have. Good to write down and reflect on. Then forget about in a week, see what sticks. And move on.

“That sense of urgency where it’s not good to say “I’ll be a Christian tomorrow” I think encompasses how your attitude should be about heavenly things and Christ’s compassion, but not necessarily life and the world itself” - 10:22 am 

Organic thought versus simulated force fed thinking 

How do you free your mind?

Location of the body, when synced up with location of mind in time and space. 

When your body leaves a place, how quickly does your mind follow

What do you live for. 

Who do you think for.

A dying tree, to me, seems much more beautiful or at peace than a dying rhino with its leg torn off. But maybe that’s because rhinos live faster. And maybe that’s because that particular rhino was dying in a fight, and it would have looked beautiful too if it was dying of old age in its sleep with a bunch of little birds around it

How high can a bumblebee fly

Imagine being in a world this beautiful and only paying attention to weed, green slips of cotton and linen, and fornication.

Don’t worship dead presidents 

There’s a simple beauty in moving yourself one step at a time through the forest up a mountain

Everybody wants freedom

Monetary freedom

Motorcyclists want freedom from the walls of a car

Birds want to fly

Freedom from pain



How much freedom will you exchange for security

How much is that security guaranteed 

Life is pretty much not being able to comprehend anything that they try to teach in 8-11th grade, then actually going out and learning it from experience. 

That’s an over generalization, an assumption

But one must generalize in order to assume anything. Should you assume anything

Has God ever missed a single phone call. A single prayer.

You can ask him the questions you have now, no need to wait till you die. He’ll probably answer when you get there.

I want to die in a bed of grass

And let the wind chip away at my bones

Woodpeckers look like they tryna throw that ass back hella

Don’t assume that people see themselves the same way you see them. They’ve never even seen their own eyes.

I want 22 year old me to read all this and cringe

Because that’ll at least mean I’ve changed

“Hey pretty mama” - rainbow kitten surprise 

The music that I like, that pleases my ears and mind and soul, that I sometimes use as the soundtrack to the film that I call my life came out of thin air. People who I will never meet came up with all those noises

So frickin THANKFUL

My words don’t mean the same as your words. Even though they sound exactly the same. Which one of our words mean the same thing to each other.

I shoulda brought an apple. They taste like candy


Oh hey look, my mind is back in my body in the forest

I’m excited 

When you journal, who do you write it to. Yourself in the future? Someone else who might read it? I think I’ve always acted like somebody was watching even when I know I’m alone. Maybe that was me feeling korean Jesus


The heck, Margaret. Why is it called “Debbie’s view” at the top. Who is she. Hope y’all were friends or else she duped ya

Wow. Debbie. Your view looks hella nice today. Better than I remember