Questions and Thoughts (Jan 2017 - Feb 2019)

It’s interesting to see someone give you information that you were there when they received, because it shows you how they spun the information.

How long would it take Niagara falls to fill the grand canyon?

What do eskimos say? “Yo that’s ‘cool’?”

All the words like dope, cool, chill, sick, sweet are all just trying to say something is “good”.

How many eskimos are awake right now?

Are you awake when you are born? Just because you talk in your sleep doesn’t make you conscious.

Censorship. People bleep our curse words on the radio. When a parent turns off the radio for their child because the talk show is talking about controversial topics or things the parent deem inappropriate how much is that censoring? Words are how we express our thoughts. Free speech is vital. But to what point must we protect the people and masses from censorship?

Do you leave music on when you leave the room? 

Has anyone ever felt brave?

How many times have you had your heart broken?

Ancient Greeks had their religion. Religion could be lazy in some sense because they believed that there were some unexplainable irrational, not fathomable things. The Greeks had religion but they were so afraid of the irrational. Why?

Can you have “new information” by thinking? If I’ve never thought about something or how I would react to certain situations, is that information that is dormant and has always been “in my head” or is it new information? People look at their phones while just sitting to pass time and they might say just staring off and thinking is a waste of time because you aren’t getting any “new information” 

Reason for the second amendment was to give power to the people against a corrupt government

Where is George Washington’s bloodline now

Hamilton’s bloodline

No large collective behavior is known, we only know what happened and it only happened once

Aren’t we all just storytellers, maybe the biggest difference just depends on the audience you have that wants to listen to the stories you tell. 

What does your inner monologue sound like

Organ donation

Beauty is what we stay for

Why do people fall in love

What’s a job that doesn’t do the same thing every day

What do you find pleasing to look at

What do you find beautiful 

Have you been fooled by a “fake” piece of art

Roman influence on Italian language

Italian history (fragments)

Burning of Alexandria.

Latin is a romantic language, in ALL the ways

Months - 10 months to 12, just willy nilly.

Caesar dated cleopatra

Romans wrote in all caps and didn’t have spaces because they hadn’t invented READING IN THEIR HEADS YET.

The etymology for “ironic” comes from a character type in a play that was translated from a Greek play. There is an entire play behind the word Ironic.

What’s going to be the next big invention 

What are the most important things in your life

What takes priority

Make a metaphor for life

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What’s your favorite color? Why?

Is it wrong to be selfish?

Should you feel bad if you aren’t selfless in situations?

Should you be vulnerable to be stronger

How does a country pay off its debts? In its own currency? Like how did Germany repay its debt for the treaty of Versailles 

Is war necessary?

Do birds fly for fun?

Elephants mourn the dead, chimpanzees do too. 

How seriously do you take life? How much to you view it as precious?

Would you die so that someone else gets a burrito?

When someone dies and we perform rituals with the body, is that them or just the closest thing to them we have left, we sorta all care about looks then

If someone gives the artist the “genius” credit, because of something hey found in the work of art, should the credit be attributed to the viewer or the artist?

I used to think of maths and sciences as such square and neat little memorization subjects, plain and simple. And art and history and writing as the free thought, expression subjects

But now I’m starting to see that it’s kind of the reverse. As math gets more advanced you freely think and innovate and use your own free thought to explore and deepen the equations, history and art you just memorize a bunch of stuff and maybe synthesize a little. 

What is the most expensive pictures sold?

When you ask someone for a piece of their food, do you ask expecting to get some?

Is justice taught?

What is this whole “be original” thing craze about anyways, it probably started during the modern art era. But for years and years all people did was what the people before them did, and occasionally slightly differently. And it worked, that’s organic evolution. 

Has your dog eaten your homework?

What about your breakfast?

Does a person owe anything to society? What should the responsibilities be? If one lw son works really hard for maybe a more “succesful” future while someone else just loves life and has fun and ways they are only for responsible for themselves is that wrong?

How much water can you drink

Describe your mind. If I were to walk through it, would it look like a lake? A maze?

When we get older we tend to envy the youth. Why? Is it actually because we envy their ignorance or the time they have? Or is it because we personally wish things in our past had gone differently? Nothing to do with actual youth just regrets

How do birds decide when to fly away? 

Talking about living moment to moment, how many people driving on the highway drive without thinking about it? Thinking about absolutely everything else

It’s really weird seeing how eighth grade boys try to make each other laugh

We’re all having the same deep realizations that everyone else had before!

Maybe the more traumatized you’ve been as a kid the faster you have the realizations? 

We look for order everywhere, place down these concrete mattresses so we know where to walk and where to drive, where to cycle and where to sit.

So much order is just given to us that we often don’t actually realize that we choose our own path. We forge the roads in the jungles when there aren’t any sidewalks left 

And birds must fly for fun, because that topsy -turvy roaming path they are does not seem like one that has a business to take care of

Is that natural? Crows eating out of trash cans, weeds growing out of concrete. 

What was the first word? The first sound made? When did the first person feel remorse for killing and what did it look like?

The government tries to influence you from cradle to grave. Everyone is born with a set amount of time-(or are they?) And the government tries to squeeze as much as they can out of you while thy still can. Like a toothpaste tube.  Is it my time that I’m investing into working? Or is it the government that influences me to have to work through currency? (Or is the currency driven by my need for convenience and the government was created by people who wanted convenience) but has convenience cost me my time.

How weird are raves

Cult like things where people go to look at shining lights and seizure inducing screens and listen to pure noise

If gatherings of people are to be looked at as if they are all there to experience something collectively. Then a speech or a commencement or a church gathering is probably all less pure than a rave right? Because a rave is a legitimate experience that people take drugs to go to and experience, it’s like a blood letting ritual from the past but on crack

When did fashion start being a thing

If everyone in the world started in the same place with the same situations. Would they turn out different?

Is everybody just doing the same thing but we’re at different times in our timelines?

Why do dogs jump out of car windows

Do u think “good things don’t come easy” is just a way to make us feel better

Do you think you’re good at articulating questions

Do you think RD is smarter than you in what ways do you think I’m smarter than you

When do you get lonely

Does it have to do with your backbone

What do you do when you’re lonely

Why do you get lonely

Would you change how you lived if you knew when you were going to die?

Do you live like you’re going to live more than once?

Small stuff doesn’t matter but small stuff is the stuff you should enjoy

Do you love yourself?

If you do/don’t how do you know

Do you placebo effect yourself into being arrogant or confident

How do you think-personally

Do bugs sleep?

If you have a voice in your head when you think (like the one when you read), what’s it been thinking for the past day or so? As much detail as possible. And how often does it change? And do you think faster than it speaks? And how often does the subject change? 

How many artists were given credit they don’t deserve

What would it take for you to believe something

Do you ever look at someone and wonder what they would be like with a million dollars. Or if they were your age

Do you think that movies follow a certain trend because of the times we’re in? And what are they?

Describe yourself like how you want others to describe you

Do you have a life-long project

Do you think people have a “deep down” part of their personality? Or are people just what they are at that exact moment and nothing more.

Nobody in the history of anything ever has created change in one day. That’s what I’m finally starting to understand is that progress starts 10 weeks ago. You need to think longer term. That’s why all these politicians out here trying to make change and all us young folk are like “nothing’s happening I’m not gonna Vote” we can’t think in the long term like they can, we literally haven’t been alive long enough to see it

Can you tell how a current generation is going to grow up depending on the types of comedy they grow up watching or 

What makes us who we are?

The things we do repetitively or the things that we say when we are with other people consistently?

If I choose to react one way to a certain event one time, why should I react the same way to it at another time? What’s making me keep that specific? And am I only who I am because of those staying the same reaction? When do our reactions to things change? Is that why I hate pop culture so much? Because I consistently did and now I can’t react differently to it or else I’m a hypocrite? What makes me me? Repeated actions in a single body? What if they were the same exact actions in different bodies? Who is who? At that point is it the name? 

Do other animals kill bugs just for existing 

What’s something that’s made you laugh and cry at the same time

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done <- is a question that leaves a lot of minds blank. What happens when your mind is blank?

What do you find beautiful about the world?

Hi, my name’s Andrew. That’s what you offer to someone when you first meet them. You first offer them your name. Then you expect a name in return.

Body to body communication. Mind to mind. Then soul to soul communication is different

How many times a day do you stop. Stop to breath. Stop to smile. Simply stop to see the world around you. And then admire something.

Delve deeper into your admiration for that thing. Thank something. Think about why you’re thanking or thinking those things. Deeper and deeper into your own thoughts until you can’t see what you’re looking at anymore. And then take a step back and look at it again?

Do spiders get bored? Do they play? Because otherwise why don’t they just sit still at their webs all day?

Do people have preferred bus seats? What does the window we most often look out of tell us about ourselves?

All the thoughts that come to us during our in-between moments. Those are such interesting ones.

What do homeless people think about all day?

People that sail across the world aren’t they amazing 

First thing you notice about someone when you meet them.

Who would you do the biggest favor for

What’s the biggest favor you’ve received and given

Are there any positives to gossip?

We feel like the environment we are in is the only place we can find the types of people that are here. Like in the city we’ll find thinkers. But that’s not true in the slightest 

Dream house?

Where do you get most of your ideas from?

I think I get mine from stories

What’s your favorite story

Do you have a lot of favorites

Do you give everything a fair shot

How much free will do you have

Do you feel lost

Process of elimination for life

How many things do you wanna try 

How far do you think you’ll travel

How far do you think you’ll push the line

What sorts of words fill your head as you try to pass the time

How many things have you yet to feel

Do you want to have the whole human experience

What is the whole human experience

How many commitments are you making right now

What do you want 

What do you want out of life

What do you want out of yourself

What do you want to commit to

How willing are you to change

What parts of you are most malleable 

Do we need to be as efficient as possible 

If you aren’t actively looking at your finger, the finger you imagine isn’t your finger

How many thoughts do you think a day

And when you choose to write how many do you write down

All these potential thoughts and we end up remembering like five of them.

Themes of the days

Like the past is some story that we tell our sleeves happened ima. Certain way to a certain tune because that day felt like this melody

What is inherently mine? The inside of me? What if I have an organ transplant? If I receive a heart from someone else, and a liver from another and again and again until every part of me is replaced. Am I me? What is mine? What makes me human-me? Does it have to be inside of me? But what if I get the inside of me replaced? 

What sorts of things do you remember 

What are moments where words fail me.

Are actions really louder than words? It would be the same for me to describe me smashing a plate than me just doing it.

How do birds know how to get home

What do we have that we just know

Does the ending of a story make it good or bad? Can you not like a story the whole time and then love it because of the ending? What makes a story good?

Is your personal ability to love gender specific, can you only fall in love with a person of the opposite gender

None of its real, all of it matters

All of it’s real, none of it matters

Are me more informed today more then ever? We have access to all this information, but again, we have no control over how it’s sold to us. 

What brings you joy

Are words important?

Do you control your thoughts

Do you control your feelings

Are you responsible for the way you make others feel

Are you responsible for your own feelings

Then why isn’t everybody just happy all the time

Why do moods change

How much do you like remembering

What things do you wish you didn’t know

What do you want to forget

What do you wish you remembered

Can love be unconditional

What have you earned in life

What are you entitled to

How old is your soul

Are things what you give power to?

For example. Money, sex, words, fashion, opinions, the sun.

All these things are different things. We can argue that we have different assignments of importance on each of them. Say a person doesn’t place that much power on virginity or sex in life, it doesn’t have much power over them. 

What if hell isnt a place it’s a state of being

How high can a bumblebee fly

In the public eye - if someone were to step into the “public eye” (<- what even is that) and only answered everything super simply yes and no with no opinions would the people still make inferences about them? What stories are the public eye capable of? Aren’t we the public eye?

So before you ever speak a word. Your ideas are limited to your own body. You keep yourself in. Are your words how you share yourself

I wonder if other people know that they make up all the pretty pictures I see as a passerby in the museum oh my life 

Where do you get your sense of validation

When someone’s going through a struggle, we often offer them advice. Giving them different ways and perspectives of being, of looking, of seeing life. Of thinking about things differently. We coax them and ease them into feeling differently. But the situations are still the same often. The only thing different is the person. How they see things. How they are. Are we just moving them through into a different way of being? Or are we putting on a different pair of glasses for them? Or are we uncovering the dirt from their eyes? So often we go through struggles and turn back after some time and think, “boy it sure is easier now”. Nothing about that has changed. Only you have. The way you feel about it or the situation has become different. What happens when you go from being not ok to ok. Why can that not happen faster.

What do you place value in

This society is made up. It’s made up by everyone in it. People like you or I. No different, not really. Money, wealth, fame, status, possession, everything is man made, temporary. What isn’t man made is the oceans, crashing always. Mountains, standing colossal. The world. Place value in that. 

Where is the center of your universe 

How easily do you let go of a thought on your tongue

How good is that feeling when you remember and finally feel that feeling you were missing. That thought you almost let get away

Do you take things personally

Do you let your emotions control you more than you control them

Why can’t we create an imaginary love

What memories will last with me?

Are we always looking at the world through a critical lens

Can we see the world  for how it really is?

What does that mean 

Can you ever take all your lenses off and just see with your eyes?

Will those see through a lens as well?

How is the world, really 

What do you believe in 

What is your truth

Would you die for it 

What an I doing

Making little rules about life so I can live with myself 

Should you only believe in yourself

Because if that’s the case how would you die for what you believe in 

Be glad it rained

If you aren’t glad, it’ll rain anyways.